Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Video Misinterpretation causes MLB SF Giants Owner Larry Baer Undeserved Grief.

San Francisco Giants President and CEO Larry Baer apparently wanted his phone and his wife refused to give it to him. His entire action was devoted to getting his phone. Her entire action was to deny him access to his phone. She is the one gyrating in the seat and flailing her arms to keep the phone away as he continues to try to get his phone. 

Her flailing arms changed positions which caused her weight and balance to shift on the seat. Even as she was falling he was still looking to get his phone. Normally a person who wanted to harm someone or assault them would focus on the person. Yes, the video looks bad, but study it closely and see that the case CANNOT be made that he threw her to the ground.

There is the issue of speculating what caused the drama. Assuming his wife was trying to find something on his phone that he did not want her to see, he still had the right to get his phone back. Or... was he trying to find something on her phone that she did not want him to see? (the second scenario would change everything of course and it could be viewed as assault, although, if someone was involved with one's wife, the husband would want to know who it was so they could see if they could be in danger).

There is something ironic about Major League Baseball probably not even using their own Instant Replay Department to evaluate what actually happened. I don't believe she was thrown to the ground, I think the drama of two people in complete opposition to each other is the real issue here. 

I think the scream was not because she was falling to the ground, I think the scream was about not giving up the phone. This changes everything. The scream was not about falling, it was about ownership of the phone that was in her hand and also about ownership of whatever content was on the phone that the two were fighting about.

Changing this to a domestic violence issue changes the truth of the situation, who owns what, and what is somebody  allowed to do to get their property back before information is revealed that the alleged aggressor possibly did not want revealed.

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